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Case Study Tips For MBA

A case study is considered to be an analytical type of work. It includes extensive analysis and experimentation of themes, theories and data normally talked of in the context of research. It points out regular complicacies in the subject and will clarify those complicacies through the intensive study of its usability to a person, an organization, a public service or any contact---the matter of which you are researching. Above anything, the case study should be a catalyst for discussion between the faculty and the research team.

A large number of Master of Business Administration programs apply the case study procedure as a method for learning. What does the MBA completed case studies procedures direct and how does it assist the Master of Business Administration students? Continue with this to find the answers and also various tips on how to prepare your individual case study. Case study based teaching is an intense level of method wherein professors and students discuss and understand from one another. The cases are considered to be preliminary information of actual conditions of management and analysis is an extremely emphasized factor of the syllabus. Issues cover various types such as working procedures, accounting techniques, marketing mechanisms and management methods. Students assume the status of administrators and other important contributors, conducting analysis and suggesting approaches derived on the basis of the various outcomes. Discussion and analysis of pre-made case studies are only a part of Master of Business Administration courses. Students would be asked to write down their own case studies as they continue their Master of Business Administration program.

So how to make a case study with regard to your Master of Business Administration course? The primary criterion to keep in mind for preparing a case study is that the case should have an incongruity for the audience to address. The case need to have sufficient information in the case study so that the readers can have an understanding on what the issue is and after studying the data and understanding the information, the audience can be in a position to derive a solution or various types of solutions based on what perspective and/or role (CIO, CFO, Director of Marketing & so on) she or he is required to discharge. A good type of case study is clearer than just few information. It is description organized in such a manner wherein the audience is placed in the typical spot where the case study writer was at the initial period when he or she was confronted with a new experience and required to probe in-depth into what was happening.

Stages to prepare a case study, research and evaluation:-

1) Internet research and library research:- Make research into what has been written earlier and study relevant articles about your case areas. You may understand that there is an imminent issue which requires a solution or you might feel that you have to arrive at a fascinating concept that might or might not apply to your case in issue. The research and analysis part of the project would propel you to identify your research issue.
2) Make contact with your subject:- The very moment you have finalized on the requirement of the situation or the issue you would like to deal, and in case if it is possible in realistic terms, you need to fix appointments with the chiefs of the company, proceed to the spot and discuss with the managerial staff. If a spot verification is not practicable, it is suitable to have an interview with the officials over telephone, by email, through Skype or via several other internet sites.
3) Interview persons outside the organization:- Locate informative persons to interview--they may be those persons who are in governmental organization which has regulatory oversight with regard to the company or the extra-organizational person would be an analyst who comes in contact with the organization or the industry to which the organization belongs to, or it might be vendors that have interaction with the organization.
4) Keep all types of information in a single place:- So by now you have gathered so many data from the persons contacted and from books and articles. You cannot include each and every matter. Hence, you want to decide as to how to assimilate, separate the redundant and organize in a definite order, as a result of which the scenario of the case will be comprehensible to your audience.
5) If you are functioning in a study group, specify parts of the research or study to specific team members:- Have a person with expertise for dealing with the monetary matters of the theme of the case study. Have another team member who is an expert with regard to logistics and another member who is an expert in matters relating to marketing. Each person who is an expert on each aspect should ascertain what is mostly essential and what the audience of the case study is supposed to have information about.
6) Take care to write down the issues of the case very concisely:- When you attempt this, you may feel that you require further information. However, if you are satisfied about the method in which you have addressed the issue before your audience, divide the issue into various reasonable sections. Every section signifies a part of the riddle which should be sorted out prior to finding solution for the issue.

Since you already posses the information, it is high time now to compile them. Following are the salient points of a quick outline which can be followed:-

Stating the issue:- Point out the issue(s) and the purpose of preparing this case study explicitly and concisely. In a crime fiction, the crime occurs at the introductory stage and the investigator has to collect and collate all available clues to get through it in the remaining portions of the crime novel. Similarly in a case study, you can begin by asking a question. In a case study, you can for instance, reproduce statement of a contact person with whom you have interviewed.

Writing the background of the organization:- An organization's past can mostly influence its current and conditions in the future. Take care that your analysis of case study examines the organization's establishment, important occurrences, construction pattern and developments.

Locate the strong points and weak points of the organization:-. For instance, prepare a table of the value creation activities of the organization. For instance, the organization may be below the average with regard to product development, but very ahead in terms of marketing.

Locate the protagonists:- In the case study inform about the main players, starting from the CEO to the organization's floor manager. Give information with regard to their qualification, how they entered into their present status, their principles of business and their opinions and their role played in the issue, which the study is highlighting. In this part, a good case study would also relate remarkable qualities regarding the person. For instance, if the organization head uses button down Brooks-Brothers shirts, but is employed in the Silicon Valley where others wears polo shirts, mention this in the case study. It is information which proclaims vividly about one of the major characters in the case study.

Analyze the issue or the recommended solutions to the issue:- Take care that this part needs the reader to evaluate logically and critically regarding the various processes to follow. Take steps to have sufficient data for an impressive analysis. A few aspects which you can focus on are; corporate plan of action, business plan of action, execution of business plan of action and pattern of the organization.

Arrive at a decision:- Your case study would need a summary. Instead of mentioning your opinion in the case study, engage the audience with a few further queries which the reader can address.

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