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The term 'chemistry' originates from the term alchemy. It was an old set of practices which embraced the features of science and magic. An alchemist has been described as a person who practiced the art of alchemy. Later, the term alchemist was replaced by chemist in popular speech from where the word 'chemistry' was derived by including the letters "ry" towards the end of the word. As a popular field of study, the subject originated as a science only under the impact of scientists like John Mayow, Robert Boyle and Sir Francis Bacon. Scientists such as Friedrich Wohler and Justus Von Liebig contributed majorly to organic chemistry.

Chemistry is a branch of physical sciences among the three fundamental sciences that study about nature of composition of different states of properties, matter, structure, composition and change in matter. It also deals with parts of matter such as molecules and atoms, interactions between them, formation and transformations of novel chemical compounds. Metabolism in living organisms, photosynthesis reactions, nuclear reactions and medicines all have one thing in general which is Chemistry. Learning these compositions could be very fascinating. Hence the subject can be subdivided into following types of branches such as (1) Inorganic chemistry: Inorganic chemistry is the study of the synthesis and behavior of inorganic compounds and substances. 2. Organic chemistry: It is a sub discipline involving the scientific study of the properties, structure and reactions relating to organic compounds and organic materials. 3. Bio-chemistry: Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within humans and related to living organisms. 4. Neurochemistry: It is the study of neuro-chemicals relating to the living body. 5. Nuclear chemistry: It is the branch of Chemistry dealing with sub-atomic particles. 6. Quantum chemistry: It is the study of physical basis relating to chemical systems applying quantum physics.

The subject has exceeded the specific limits set by many universities and entered into the industrial arena. The chemical industry is one of the most significant and largest sectors in any type of economy. Chemical industries create industrial chemicals which are of large scale. Various raw materials such as metals, natural gas, petroleum and minerals are transformed by the chemical companies into various kinds of industrial products available for sale. Some of the most commonly used products in day to day life are: industrial adhesives and gums, fertilizers, polymers, and consumer products such as cosmetics, detergents and soaps.

Whether you are in a high school, in a college or in a university, chemistry, which is the branch of science dealing with the relationship between energy and matter, remains as one of the most complex subjects of all. Students studying chemistry have to really labor hard by deeply engaging themselves in research; make experiments in the laboratory and then assess the results. These intricacies make it a tough subject to study and tougher even to teach. There are not many teachers who can explain this subject of science correctly to make students understand it well and feel that it is a nice and interesting subject.

Chemistry is a subject which has many problems and you can't escape than solving these problems. The foremost thing to keep in mind is that it encompasses many other major sciences within it like mathematics, physics and to some extent biology too. It therefore becomes a complex science and requires a sound knowledge of both basic as well as advanced numeral solving skills. So to say the least, it is not a subject which each and every student can deal with easily. Especially, it creates more problems for those students who want to specialize in a particular branch of chemistry but get an assignment outside of their normal coverage. There is a vast list of topics in a chemistry assignment like: The Molecule, The Atom, Compound, Properties of Elements, Reactions, Chemical Laws, Substance, Bonding & so on. All these topics are intricate and exhaustive in its own and therefore it becomes difficult and hard for one student to understand and recollect everything about them. Considering all these facts about the complexity and vastness of this subject, you as a student of chemistry need and require some genuine help.

It has been seen that very often an assignment with unclear instructions are given to you by your chemistry teacher but this is because they want you to use your own judgment in choosing a topic that you are interested in. It also gives an idea about your completion of previous assignments and remembering the test problems. It also explains that you are able to take an overview of that information and present it back to your teacher. This enhances you with a valuable skill that is not only to remember what you have learned but also how to use it in a given situation. To say further, chemistry may be an interesting subject as it deals mainly with matter in various forms that are gas, liquid and solid but when you are asked by your teacher to prepare a comprehensive and insightful assignment then it becomes very challenging and daunting for you. To add salt to the injury, they ask you to complete your assignment at a very short deadline which in your opinion is unrealistic but you are left with no choice. It is also true that initially, for most of you, learning about different chemical reactions and bonding may sound exciting but as soon as it warrants you to present these with chemical notations and methodical equations then no doubt you start getting perhaps the worst nightmares of your life.

So a few students become afraid by its intimidation and try to end, either not completing or presenting a low quality assignment paper. Nevertheless, smart students never like to quit without completing because they know its necessity and they also realize how severely it can impact upon their grades. When you face difficulty in selecting the topics of your assignments the following are some ways to assist:- 1) Have a look at your notes which you have made in the class:- What was one of your favorite portions of this class till now? What helped you to master the best or assisted you to cross over a barrier which you ultimately realized? Select any of these as your topic. 2) Ascertain what your class-mates are selecting:- This might give you an idea about yours' and even though you like to attempt the very topic chosen by a class-mate, it will be a separate answer. Thus do not mind much about choosing the very one or write on topics resembling to theirs. 3) Have a conversation with your instructor:- This is really the best significant action because only your instructor or teacher has knowledge about what they actually expect. Your instructor or teacher can provide you certain ideas, may be about assignments done by former students and other common tips regarding the assignment. 4) Prepare a table of the objectives and technical data relating to the assignment like the deadline, type of the assignment, the scope relating to the assignment, number of words stipulated or size and any expected parts of the work (figures, graphs, references, number of rough drafts needed and expected visits to the instructor or teacher and to the library). This table would help in splitting the assignment and also preparing a checklist to conform that you have become familiar to each and every precondition. 5) Gather requisites for the assignment:- This can include from a part in a textbook to a number of journal articles. Do your search for text in proportion to and with regard to the topic. In case your assignment is to inform about the application of x-ray diffraction s to new patent drugs, writing one of the two parts of your assignment on who invented x- ray diffraction carries the writing away from the topic and would not create an impact on your teacher. 6) Attentive studies and jotting the important points:- Once the source materials have been gathered, prepare a schedule to study them. Use the time to study attentively by taking down important points and writing summaries of what you have studied. Prepare a tabulation of summaries or the highlights of every reference. When attending to larger tasks, writing summary of every part or every paragraph could be useful to clarify complex concepts. Dissecting a full work into outline is a fruitful habit since it is almost finalizing an assignment from back-wards. 7) Processing of data:- Make an analysis of all the data obtained from the laboratory or received during research, prior to incorporating it in the assignment. Raw types of data should not be incorporated in the final piece of an assignment if not so deliberated. The analysis could cover the determination of average or the trend line with regard to a graph to a summing up deduction from divergent references. When analyzing data from different types of sources, it is essential that the sets of data are coherent (the experiment does the measuring of the same types of reported values having similar units and the variables and so on). After processing the data, avail time to analyze the data succinctly. If practicable, submit a copy of your data processed and a synopsis of your study to your teacher to ensure that the findings as well as analyses are appropriately done, prior to writing the analysis part. 8) Search on the internet for ideas and examples:- The web is an important place to obtain tips for writing assignments since there would always invariably be a person who has attended this kind of assignment earlier than you. Thus, now you have perhaps come to know about the web-based companies that render assistance to students for preparation of essays, research papers and other assignments. You can make a payment which might be quite reasonable or high at times. This kind of assignment assistance is quite common and popular these days and assists many students to lessen their worries. When a different person is taking stress for your assignments, it is obvious to loosen your stress and reinvigorate yourself or to prepare for a different course that you would not have pursued. When you are searching for assignment assistance from the website, always confirm that the firm you are planning to contact has a sound reputation.

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