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Education Thesis: Case Study In Educational Research Papers

In the United States of America, Govt. is the primary authority for funding the education sector. The funding and governance of education is done at the three levels i.e. local, state and federal. In USA, child education is compulsory even though variation exists with age beginning from five years to eight years.


National Center for Education Statistics states that public schools have greater options like private schools and home schooling. Every year, about 50 million students receive education in PK schools. This figure is very high compared to the children admitted in private, charter schools and homeschooling.

Majority of the students studying in public schools of USA are children of immigrant and this population is rising at a high rate. Their parents lack good education and thus don't have good jobs. These children might not be having sufficient funds for paying school fees in private schools as also homeschooling. This implies that their parents do not have the means to fund their children's schooling needs due to higher allocation needed for housing, clothing and food compared to education (Berube, 2009). Children attending public schools till high schools is within 18 years of age and students joining college and University is within 23 years of age as 5 years are necessary for completing the course.

K-12 education which imparts education to children within the age group of 3 years to 19 years spends substantial funds to implement the below stated services which administers the achievement of this program. These are special education services, preparatory programs vocational and career, standard-based academic instruction, development and teacher recruitment, child care and development services, adult education programs, and remedial instruction services (Herbst, 2006).

Training educators on the use of technology so as to impart knowledge to the children and students is among one of the roles of the University and Colleges. They also ensure that the quality of students graduating is of high quality and hence their services will be helpful to pupils and students on the whole. Besides, they also give guidance to the educators while undertaking their research in order to render them the needed guidance while approaching with their services and teaching report (Cremin, 1996). They advocate educators on the spheres which they ought to focus as regards children education is concerned thereby guaranteeing that children receive high quality services. Globalization of teacher's education across all magnitude also constitutes a responsibility which they are stressing upon. Curriculum modernization, novel technologies, language immersion and overseas education are being used by College and Universities to assist teachers understand and train international perspectives.

For anybody to acquire a teaching certificate in Louisiana, it compulsory to have a degree from affiliated University and apart from that he/she must clear a test known as pre-professional skill test (PPST). There is also a necessity that he/she must complete practitioner Teacher Program. Besides, the candidate must be passionate about education of children and be dedicated in sharing the knowledge to children so that they fare well in their education. The Certificate is normally issued by the Board of Education in the State. A Master degree program which ends up in teacher certification is important for candidates to get a teaching certificate. This offers certification in all level K-12 that covers dance, music, health, physical education, foreign languages and arts. To sum up certification only program is needed to work as an alternative for the teachers who are not qualified under Masters Degree.


In order to provide subsidized education to its citizens, the USA Govt. has contributed more than necessary. It has the go-ahead to regulate the activities under education inclusive of determining the configuration and controlling the education quality offered by the teachers. This is accomplished through teacher regulation having credentials to offer such nature of services.


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