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Essay Tips

1. Select a concept: Either you have been given a task to write on something on the assigned topic or you are given freedom to write on the subject of your liking. If it goes with the former case, be sure on the type of the essay you are about to create. Verify if you have to write the paper regarding a casual summary of the topic or perform a causal analysis on the topic? You should be ready to reduce your scope of view if needed. But if it goes with the latter case, then you will have to do some more things. But, there is an advantage in this case that you can select a topic you are thoroughly interested and ready to spend ample time on it. But, at the start, make sure whether your paper is going to be informative or suggestive? The moment you have fixed your goal, you have to work on some background research which you find relevant to the subject. Assess your own life. What are the things that create your interest? Write those points on a paper. At last, judge your list. When your objective is to educate, select a subject which you already have been studied. But, if you determine to suggest something, select a topic in which you have utmost interest. Either way, be attentive to select a topic that you have interest in.

2. Make an outline to represent your thoughts: You have to make a sequence of the ideas you get to use in the paper. Once you have jotted down the list of ideas you have on your mind on to the paper, you can bridge them properly to serve a purpose. It would become the starting step for your report. You can either represent them diagrammatically or write an outline of your thoughts. To make a diagram, write the title of your essay at the centre of the paper. Make some lines as branches to it and point them to some of the important thoughts. Note down the important ideas towards the end of such lines. The more lines you make, the better is the outcome that is going to be. But, if you wish to make an outline to your thoughts, write the topic at the topmost part of the page. Start to make a list of the important ideas, but don't forget to leave a little space under each one. Fill that space with ideas concerning them, but not as important as the main ones. This procedure builds you a confidence to view the links and would help to create a much more ordered pattern.

3. Write the thesis statement of the essay: As you have finished selecting a topic and jotted down the important points and arranged the ideas into significant categories, you can make a thesis statement. The thesis statement describes the reader what is going to be in the essay you write. Take a glance at your diagram or outline. What does it say? An essay's thesis statement would consist of 2 parts. The initial one names the concept, and the latter one names the theme of the essay. Consider an example, if you were writing about Bill Clinton and his effect on the United States, a relevant thesis statement of the essay would be, "Bill Clinton has had a significant effect on the United States because of his two consecutive terms as President of the United States." Let us give you another example of the thesis statement for "winning elements" scholarship essay would be as follows: "At the time of my high school career, I have portrayed a variety of the "winning elements", comprising Interactive skills, Organizational skills and Leadership Skills, through my participation in National Honor Society, Student Government and a part time job at Stacy's Department Store.

4. Write the main content: It is the main content that does most of the work. It demonstrates, questions, and explains the concept. Every important point written in the outline or in the diagram would take an individual part in the body of the essay. Each paragraph in the main content possesses the same pattern. Start with one of the significant thought as a starting sentence. After that, write each and every thought that supports the format of in-sentence, but again never forget to leave 3-4 sentences spacing amidst every point so that you could fill them with evidences and instances appropriately. Also never fill the space with irrelevant topics, but fill in the space with important information which would enable to connect small ideas.


5. Write introduction: As you have created the thesis statement and the main content of the essay, you need to pen a preface. The introduction need to catch the reader's focus and narrate the entire context of the essay to the reader. Start to catch the reader's attention mostly at the starting point of the introduction. You can make use of stunning data, a short story, dialogue, a quotation, or an easy overview of the topic. It might be any pattern you choose, but the ultimate goal should be a logical link which has to be added as the final sentence of the introduction.

6. Write the conclusion: The summary or the conclusion need to be like an end to the topic, a review of what you had been up to then. It states the overall intention of the topic, while offering a final view on the topic. It should have a four to five powerful sentences, which not only should summarize the main points and offer reinstatement of the thesis statement.

7. Make appropriate final touching: Majority of the writers commit a mistake that their duty has been completed after writing the summary, but you have to go through the whole thing from top to bottom and correct every minute detail. You have to verify the pattern of your paragraphs. The area where you are strong is to be set forth in the first place in the main content, the rest in the latter part. Even you should be careful regarding the clarity you give to the pattern. Suppose your essay defines a way, such as how to make an excellent chocolate cake, be sure that order is to be maintained in a perfect way. Lastly, check the instructions provided for writing the essay, if there are any. Most of the professors, lecturers & scholarship forms accept various ways, and one have to cross check thoroughly to make sure that the essay is in required pattern. At last, read what you have written. Review your paper and verify the matter it expresses. Be cautious regarding the smoothness of the content and add sufficient and appropriate terms to link up the ideas. Recheck the essay for grammar and punctuation fallacies.

Even after reading these drafts, it would not be possible for all to write a good essay. That is where our experts come in to help you with your essay writing needs. You can see our essay writing prices at the end of this page by clicking the 'blue' color button 'Price List'. Our prices are the most competitive for our high quality services. After you view our prices, you can make payments by using the red button 'Click here to order now' given at the end of this page.

Essay Proof-Reading, Online Essay Editing Services, Rewriting & Formatting

Is there a difference between editing and proofreading? Yes is the answer. Most people use them synonymously, but do note that editing and proofreading are two different types of phases of the process of conducting revision. Both of them need a keen and cautious observation, but they pay attention on various areas of the writing and make use of the various methods.

What is the necessity of proofreading? It is because it that top priority is given to the content. Some may have different opinions on this but it is a fact that there is always an effect on the way in which the paper looks. As the writer had spent enough time in presenting the essay with all its required content, it seems foolish to ignore small mistakes like presentation, which has a vast scope in judgment. So in order to make a definite impression, one needs to pay much time on the details.

Majority of the writers spend quite lesser time to proofread their copies, they do so as they think to catch the mistakes with a single glance. This type of effort of making a cursory and quick reading misses several mistakes cannot help you find any newer mistakes, especially when you have been working hard and for long hours on your essay. So plan accordingly to identify all types of mistakes and go to the action part. It is quite agreeable that it consumes more amount of time than usual, but it has its advantages in the end. Once you are familiar with the technique that is used to proofread, then you will be cautious the next time during the process of writing itself, which will bring a vast experience and impact in the writing. Editing deals with grammar and punctuation. An edited version of writing expresses the ideas in a perfect sense. It underlines the main theme of the essay and also of separate sections. This could be achieved only by quoting and modifying the phrases repeatedly, and also by cutting down unnecessary junk. Vocabulary further plays a key role in enhancing the quality of the essay.

Make sure that editing and proofreading are to be done separately. At earlier stages of editing, you shouldn't pay much time and effort on the grammar, punctuation and spellings. Whenever you are worried about a misspelt word or lack of a punctuation mark at its place, say to yourself that you are not working on the significant duty of creating and linking the ideas.

See below some tips that are relevant to both proofreading and editing:

Make certain distance from the content! It is quite tough to edit or proofread an essay which you have just completed--because you are very familiar to it still, so you will unintentionally leave many areas. So, what to do? Do not read the essay for some hours, days or even weeks. Enjoy some refreshment, indulge in a recreation. Completely erase your memory from your writing, by doing so you can take a fresh glance at it. Then you will really know the difference of the work, you ought to write and know what exactly you wrote. If you need to think of another way, give it to your friend, but remember to go not any further. Anyone reading it for the first time can find out the issues regarding the essay.

Be sure with the medium you select to do the proofreading: This is because some may have their convenience in working the computer and proofread, but there might be another category who loves to do it on a printed manuscript. Where do you belong? Only you can answer that?

Modify the look of the paper and compare it with older one: Changing the size, font, color, spacing, lining or technique expressed in the content might sometimes play with your mind that it is a fresh document; then you got a window of opportunity to get a different view, so always make it count.

Work place should be calm: Never do the job sitting in front of a TV or listening to music or jogging on a treadmill. You need to be in a place with higher levels of attention and far from distractions.

It is advisable to perform the proofreading and editing in various time periods: You can feel fresh if the work is for a shorter time, while you may get bored during larger time periods.

Make a priority list, if you are having a lack of time: Be sure that important points need to be done initially, because this is the place where readers concentrate more.

We have given you these tips to you. But even with tips, it might not be possible for everyone to do editing and proofreading tasks like how experts do. But do not panic because our company is there to assist you. Our online essay help company offers professional essay editing, essay proof-reading, essay rewriting and research essay papers formatting services. After completing your essay, you may find that it needs a bit of polishing with regard to the language, essay structure and also needs correct essays formatting. Make use of our professional, expert research paper essay editors or online essay editors, proof-readers & reviewers services for the right kind of changes in your essay.

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