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An essay is: “a short written work on a particular topic, generally portraying a thought from the point of view of the writer.” Writing an all-inclusive essay might be ultimately tough. A properly drafted essay should be precise and clear. It should express its thoughts in such a manner in which the audience can understand the point of view proposed by the author in an easy and effortless manner. 

Editing is the primary task taken up by every writer once he completes the first copy of his essay. A writer must review his copy and check whether the content is flowing freely in an orderly way, the modifications amidst the paragraphs are fluid, and the proofs given are performing their work in strengthening the discussion. One can edit on various levels:

Content: Is the essay self sufficient? Is every detail written by the author done with accuracy? To verify it, check whether the essay contains an argument? If the argument is present, is it clear? Is every claim written accurate? Is sufficient proof given to every minute point provided? Has the data being provided is in tune completely with the main theme of the essay and it supports the aim?  

Sequence of the essay: Is there a perfect start and end to the essay? Is there a perfect thesis statement and everything regarding the essay keenly mentioned in the introduction? Is there a precision for the coordination of each and every paragraph to the essay and is it linked to your thesis? Is there a sequential order in between the sections? Have you created transitions among the paragraphs which is being clear cut? Verify the order by performing a reverse sketch of the entire essay, when the first copy of the essay is finished. Does every individual section in the essay possess a valid topic line? Does every paragraph concentrates on single basic point? Are there any irrelevant or lost content in any of the paragraphs?

Transparency: Is there anything that needs to be clarified out to the audience regarding some data given by you without particular details? Is there clarity with regard to each and every sentence meaning? (There is a pattern in finding out solution to the problem by reading the report with single sentence at a glance, concentrating on the finishing and do a little reverse working, then you might get a chance to check it more consciously.) Is clarity given regarding each and every pronoun? (she, he, they, it, who, which, this, & so on) Is proper vocabulary used to sketch your views? Don’t use abnormal vocabulary from thesaurus which doesn’t make a share in your regular speech. It might get ambiguous sometimes.  

Approach: Are suitable expressions used throughout the report (they might be formal, informal, informative, suggestive & so on)? Have you mentioned the genders (masculine subjects like “he” or feminine terms like “she”, terms such as “fisherman” that include “man”, and words which certain persons think only in their context--for instance, some people refer “nurse” only to woman) in the content and in a suitable manner? Is there a change in the length & overview of the content and the sentences used? Is the passive voice quite often used? Is there more content with uncertainty like mentioning phrases such as “there are”, “there is”, “for the reason that”, & the like? Have you mentioned any strong word (i.e. a vivid important verb) irrelevantly? 

References: Have you cited the various quotes, thoughts and paraphrases that you have received from various types of sources in a suitable manner? Are they in a proper format? Once you start working on considering these parameters one by one, you will automatically review the areas lost by you. And you will be sure regarding every word and line. Be cautious regarding the fallacy patterns; it would be useful if you guess the type of questions you are going to face, this would come into help if you have been working on a lengthier task like report or an official paper. The moment you tracked the logic, you can use different styles in identifying and modifying coming examples of similar logic. For instance, if you identify that you regularly make use of various different concepts in each section, you can read the entire paper and mark the key terms in each section, then split the sections so that each one concentrates only on one basic theme or idea.


Proofreading is the last phase of the altering procedure, concentrating on surface lapses, for example, incorrect spellings and slip-ups in punctuation and sentence structure. You ought to proofread strictly when you have completed the greater part of your other editing modifications.

You presumably would have as of now utilized a portion of the techniques showed below. Try different things with distinctive strategies until you discover a framework that functions admirably for you. The critical thing is to make the procedure deliberate and concentrated with the goal that you get as many of the errors as could be expected under the circumstances in the lowest time possible. Now let us give you an understanding on the proofreading process:

Don't depend totally on spelling checkers: These can be valuable apparatuses yet they are a long way from being completely foolproof. Spell checkers have a restricted lexicon, so a few words that appear as incorrectly spelled might truly just not be within their space of memory. Likewise, spell checkers won't get incorrect spellings that shape another substantial word. For example, in the event that you write "your" rather than "to", "you're," rather than or "there" or "too" rather than "their," the spell checker will not be able to get the blunder.

Grammar checkers can significantly cause more issues: These programs work with a predetermined number of guidelines, so they are not able to recognize each error and regularly commit mistakes. They likewise neglect to give intensive clarifications to help you comprehend why a sentence ought to be amended. You may need to utilize a language structure checker to help you distinguish potential run-on sentences or as well successive utilization of the voice which is, yet you should have the capacity to assess the input it gives.

Proofread for only one type of mistake at one time: In the event that you attempt to recognize and modify an excess of things at one single time, you would lose the focus, and your proofreading would be less compelling. It is not difficult to catch sentence structure mistakes if you are not checking spelling and punctuation in one go. Furthermore, a percentage of the procedures that function admirably for recognizing one sort of error won't get others.

Read moderate, and read each word: Try to read out the matter loud, which constrains you to say every word and it furthermore gives you a chance to hear how the words would sound when they are together. When you read quietly or too rapidly, you may skip the mistakes or make oblivious amendments.

Separate the content into individual sentences: This is another procedure to help you to make a reading of each sentence deliberately. Just press the return key after each and every period. This would help to start each line in another sentence. At that point read every sentence independently, searching for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. In case you are working with a printed duplicate copy, have an opaque item such as a ruler or a bit of paper to segregate the line you are doing the work on.

Circle each mark of punctuation: This constrains you to take a gander at every one. When you do the circling, inquire as to whether the punctuation is right or not.

Read the paper in reverse. This system is useful for making a check of the spellings. Begin with the last word which is on the last page and do your work towards the back to the starting, perusing every word independently. Since sentence structure, punctuation and content won't bode well, your concentration would be totally on the spelling of every word. You can likewise read in reverse sentence by sentence to check language structure; this will help you abstain from getting to be occupied by the problems relating to the content.

Proofreading is a learning procedure. You're not simply searching for mistakes that you find; you are likewise figuring out how to perceive and revise new lapses. This is wherein dictionaries and handbooks becomes useful. Keep the ones you discover useful close within reach while you do the proofreading.

Ignorance may be joy; however it won't improve you as a proofreader. You would frequently discover things that do not appear to be on the whole correct to you, however you may not be certain about what is wrong. A word seems as though it may have incorrectly spelled it, however the spell checker did not get it. You think you require a comma between the two words, yet you're not certain why. Should you utilize "that" rather than "which"? In case you're not certain regarding something, find it.

The proofreading procedure turns out to be more productive as you create and practice a methodical technique. You will figure out how to distinguish the particular ranges you could call your own written work that need watchful consideration, and realizing that you have a sound strategy for discovering slips will help you to concentrate all the more on adding to your thoughts while you are writing the paper.

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