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Writing in anthropology and cultural studies? Our cultural anthropology ethnography experts assist you in writing culture anthropology research papers and in other ethnography cultural anthropology of writing. Use our help to understand the study of cultural anthropology.

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Trying to define ethnographic research? Our ethnographic design researchers assist you in understanding the characteristics of ethnographic research--meaning of ethnographic research, definition of ethnographic research techniques, history of ethnographic research, benefits of ethnographic research, purpose of ethnographic research, problems with ethnographic research, limitations of ethnographic research, disadvantages of ethnographic research, quantitative & qualitative research ethnography, etc.

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What is meant by ethnography? To mean literally and etymologically "Ethnography" is nothing but a study of a group of persons. It can be defined as a systematic study of people and cultures of specific time, specific place, specific geographical conditions and specific situation. It has been a term referred by anthropologists for a long time; it is used to term field work or firsthand research, where the study is being held at. When your professor assigns you to perform an ethnographic project, it definitely needs some field work. For instance, it could be like spending a couple of hours in a transit bus journey. Observe every possible thing, note down your observations even with minute details, make a logical and structural outfit of it, the day and date of journey, whether it is night or day, project every helpful idea into the written format. Check everything, what is the number of passengers? Did you identify the route? Did you notice the correct time? Did the bus stink? What did you notice out of the window? What are the passengers doing? Where are they heading to? Did they talk? If yes, what did they talk? If no, what are they doing? Is there anything specific and particular to notice? Or, is everything ordinary? Is there anything interesting? Jot down everything you feel, you see, you remember in those two hours of journey. Finally review it and type it up as field notes, containing your personal feelings (make a difference by labeling which were your thoughts and which were the things which happened). Soon enough answer in a written form to the question: How is riding a bus about more than regular transportation?

Studies using material proof and fossil proof: During some tasks, you can be assigned to assess the reports various researchers have made about the origin of specific human circumstances, like the uses of bipedalism, the emergence of agriculture, or the starting stages of human language. In order to succeed in these tasks, you need to grasp and assess the different reports produced by the authors of the present references, and also the remnant or material proof mentioned in support of those reports. Fossil proof might comprise sections like carbon rated bone remains, and it may include things such as pottery fragments or stone tools. Basically the student gets idea regarding these terms only when reviews scholarly studies, course curriculum, and pictures, instead directly taking a look at the fossils and artifacts. Exemplary task could be about the origin of bipedalism (the capacity to walk on two feet) which is regarded to be one of the most crucial phases in the human species evolution, but questions remained unanswered regarding the place and time of its origin. With the help of content material and other help from outer takings, review the works of different authors on the emergence of bipedalism. Examine the confirming content (like fossil proof and empirical information) of each individual author in support of his own claims. Based on your judgment of those claims and content, create a discussion for reasons of why and where do you think bipedalism took its origin.

There were a lot of ways in reading and judging a specific variety of text called ethnography. In order to have a better idea in judging ethnographies, one will need to know which is to be regarded as evidence or ethnographic data for the given task. Hence, what are the trustworthy evidences to be considered in ethnography (or in the arguments of ethnography penned by someone)? Some of them are: 1. Verbal testimony of informants (who were being examined or questioned). At the time you are going to speak for others, it is quite helpful to plead in their terms. Adding to what they literally mean, you can quote some of their responses directly in reference to a question. 2. Examination and description of events, live activities, their experienced behavior in those situations. 3. Appropriate data from the past. 4. Statistical Data: Note that "proof" is never an independent factor. Always an observation or fact moulds to become evidence, when it gets involved deeply in support of the discussion. It is always your responsibility to assist your audience get connected with what you are trying to put forth. You need to clarify why the statements x, y, and z are evidence for a specific claim and what is their overall significance in the final report.

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