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There are a number of varied writing tasks at university level and every type of writing has its specific pattern and characteristics. It is not possible to include all of them here; however few illustrations are as follows: essay, report, case study, reflective journal, literature review, analytical review or critical review, lab/practical or experimental write up, annotated bibliography, etc. The phraseology that is used to mention about an academic piece and the demands of the assignment with regard to the assessment level, its length and level of research differ not only amongst the various subjects but also amongst the various courses in a subject. For example, in an English literature course of introduction, you may have to write an academic piece of work or academic description that defines a verse, tale or prose, one that makes use of only original ideas and tasks as your own references. In English literature courses which are considered to be highly advanced, published opinions of famous critics can also be used in order to add support and to provide reference to your ideas. It is vital to know that what your mentors expect from you.

Given below is the agenda, real life readers, writing tone and systematic characteristics of some projects. It will be a start for you to decide the type of writing to be produced. So read below to know more about the requirements in each assignment.

Essay: Purpose is to provide answer to a query and put forth an argument supported with facts. Audience here means academic community and the peers. Tone is mostly based on facts, short, active voice, logical flow and proper structure. Structure includes introduction, main body and conclusion, mostly without the use of headings.

Case Study: Purpose intends examining a scenario; to locate negative and positive aspects and give recommendations. Audience includes professionals and sometimes, politicians, academicians and the public. Tone is mostly based on facts, easy to follow, concise and authoritative. Structure means table of contents, numbered headings and executive summary.

Research Report: Purpose indicates reporting on a task attended or a scheme for the tasks to be attended. Audience is sometimes an extraneous institution like a governmental body or NGO. Tone used is past tense (for the task finished) and based on facts, future tense for the tasks planned and present tense to narrate the present scenario. Structure includes acknowledgements, table of contents, title page, abstract or executive summary, introduction, body of contents without heading, recommendations or conclusion, bibliography or references, glossary and appendices. The assignment of research report can include whatever is written in the field of science, sociology, psychology, business subjects and so on to indicate primary research.

Lab/Practical Report: Purpose involves describing past actions to arrive at the results. Audience here is associates and researchers who intend to replicate. Tone is clear, past tense, passive voice, objective and is done point by point. Structure includes IMRD headings which are Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion.

Literature Review: The purpose is to recognize important ideas of literature; interpret the ongoing ones, look for a 'space' to analyze. Audience intends researchers, analysts, scholars & associated experts. Tone is formalistic, straight, text based temporary notions. Structure has an introductory paragraph, body of the project, concluding paragraph without titles and description of homogeneities and dissimilarities along with particular remarks. A project asking for a review of literature available on the topic of research may require choosing a particular issue by you and then to go through the article content of journals which are written by experts on their own research. In some kinds of research project, you will have to cipher and examine the consequences of analysis done on that issue. In some subjects that are advanced, you have to do some detailed assessment of the type and trait of the research that are being performed.

Review of an Article: Purpose involves evaluating or appraisal of the data, research procedures and outcomes. Audience means associates and persons having a liking for your field. Tone is usually in active voice, in present tense, evaluative and analytical. Structure includes brief summary, without any headings, feedback on the work quality.

Reflective Journal: Purpose involves identifying your comprehension, making a reflection on your thoughts and comprehending about how and what you have understood. You are the audience. Tone is to think aloud, interactive, can put "I" and is quite casual but still free from ambiguity. Structure indicates referring to written text, practical situations and lecturers, linkages among personal meaning and formal learning.

Annotated Bibliography: Purpose is to find out the significant articles on a subject-matter or topic, analyze the relevance of the articles with regard to the subject-matter or the topic in question and to inform the readers. Audience includes academicians, researchers and peers. Tone would be objective and formal. Structure includes heading of the work listed by the writer in A to Z serial, indented one or two summary of paragraph and making critique on a subject-matter or topic of discussion.

Usually, assignments need one to include opening section(s) and ending section(s) and a main content having successive sections. Some lengthy assignments must have titles for introduction, body and conclusion while the short assignments need not have these requirements. In the introductory part of the assignment, general problem should be discussed followed by particulars of the issue. Introduction should provide basic details about the broader issue; recognize the main issue or the problem and follow the procedure in a step by step method to help the reader know why that particular subject is being important and is being focused on. An introductory paragraph usually gets completed with some type of statement of your interest viz. statement of focus, statement of purpose, thesis and hypothesis.

In the main part of the assignment, such arguments and information need to be provided which would follow in a logical manner starting from the main point mentioned in the focal statement, and need to support it in a consistent way through the complete assignment, till the end. The body comprises of a number of sections, details such as levels of information, each starting with topic sentences that recognizes the topic of the section like that of the way in which the focal statement of the assignment describes the particular topic of the assignment. Then sentences with details, references, evidence or proof are framed within the paragraphs. A wide extensive sentence may also be given to keep together the information in one place and tell the reader about how it is connected to the main point of the assignment. In comparison with the introductory paragraph, however, the concluding paragraph moves from particular to general. It usually starts with the repetition or repeating of the focal statement, summarizing the key points of the successive paragraphs, and concludes with a wider ending informing how the topic connects with the general problem discussed in the opening section. The most often stated rule is that no new detail should be added to the ending section.

If the aforesaid information seems difficult or new, do not be worried. The golden rule to be followed here is not to be worried, regarding what the type of project is being known as, but to focus on understanding each and every point discussed in the project and what you need to do with the project. Some scholars may not only include information about the deadline and extent of the project, but also number and types of sources of reference, the type of details to include and also the procedure of organization to adhere to. It is important to pay more attention to those guidelines, as they are the lecturer's instructions to you about what he/she expects while going through the assignment. Thus, whenever you get a project, the first and foremost thing to do is to go through the instructions of the project carefully and ensure that you are familiar with what is mandatory to know before going further. Consult the lecturer in case of any queries and in case of any doubts on your side.

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