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Writing Support Services: All Project Support--Refund Policy

Writing Topic Ideas: All Project Topics--Money Back Guarantee Policy

Writing research services. Before placing an order with our 'Research Writing' company offering best custom writing services and other project services, customers are suggested to read, examine & comply with our 'Refund Policy', as we do not want to have any sort of dispute with our customers/clients and we want to have a good working relationship with our customers.

If we are refunding the money (only under the conditions mentioned below), do note that under the existing banking procedures, it would take a couple of business days or even more for your refunded amount to be credited back in your bank account.

Except under the circumstances mentioned below, our customers/clients agree that all our sales made are final and no service or product regardless of it is a research paper, term paper, dissertation/thesis, book report, essay and such other documents or any other services or products delivered by us can be refunded since it is custom prepared for all buyers. Our company providing top writing services, research help and so on was forced to adopt such a policy after we found an unfair practice which was initiated by some students. These students after having received a paper delivered from our company later requested for a refund saying that they did not like the paper. After few days, we found the same essay which was delivered by us was sold by these students on After that they again tried to place a new order with our company which was detected by us in time. Thus they received a paper totally free of cost by duping our company which offers reliable writing paper services and other project solutions.

Given below are the conditions when clients can either receive or not receive a refund from us:

Writing Help Center & Other Consulting Company--Cancellations

If the customer/client intends to cancel an order (if the client has made a mistake while placing the order and have to change it), for orders having over 48-hour deadline, the cancellation has to be made within a duration of 3 hours. In instances of such cancellations, a total refund of the amount shall be made (after deducting the processing or transfer charges if it is applicable). If the time limit of 3 hours is over, then the order cannot be cancelled and payment would not be refunded. In the case of short order deadlines between 6-48 hours, order once placed cannot be cancelled and hence there would be no refund whatsoever. This is because an expert would have been assigned for your order and a major part of the work would have been already completed by that time.

Our company providing paper writing service online & other project help has the right to make cancellation of any paid order at its own discretion or choice due to absence of communication or cooperation from the customer which affects the process of order completion or a suspicion by our company that the customer has acted in a fraudulent manner such as use of fraud credit card details and any other fraudulent activities. Under the above situations of cancellations, our company does not guarantee refund of payments. Each and every case is analyzed separately and the final decision is made based on various factors. Our company reserves its unilateral discretion to make a decision based on the particular circumstance of each case. Please see our cancellation page for more details.

Writing Assignments: Research Help: Project Preparation--Payment Issues

If the client/customer has been charged twice for the same order, then the customer can be issued a 100% refund (after deducting transfer charges/processing charges applicable) when the client is able to produce the receipts for the two transactions which have been made. However no refund would be permitted, if the customer has pre-approved both the orders.

Writing Tutors: Researchers & Project Experts--No Expert Available

Our company would refund the money completely (after deducting transfer charges or processing charges if any), if there is no expert available for doing the customer's order.

Writing Experts: Research Experts & All Experts--Preferred Expert

If the customer or client is keen on having a specific expert for doing the work, our company which delivers top paper writing services, global research solutions & other project services would never take responsibility for the failure of our students support centre expert (whom the client preferred) to submit the desired quality of work or complete the order in a timely manner. In such cases, no refund is guaranteed for our research project writing services and other project documents.

Writing Information & All Project Support Services--Client Account

During the time of placing the order and making payments for your work, it is the exclusive duty of the client/customer to make the registration with a valid email address and also correctly state the telephone numbers (mobile and land phone) wherein the customer can be reached at, if any emergency situation evolves. Our team would make contact through email in almost all of the cases and very rarely make telephone calls to our customers. During the process of order preparation, there might be several situations which would arise that necessitate the need to contact the customer. The process of order completion would get affected if the customer fails to provide a valid email address and phone numbers which would lead to a breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement. This would result in forfeiture of any claim with regard to the implied warranty or guarantee by the client/customer.

The most easy and best way to communicate to our company and/or the expert doing your work is through the client account. It is the sole responsibility of the client/customer to check the individual client account (which would be allotted to the customer once payments are made) to deal with any queries, concerns, pass on any other instructions needed by the expert doing your work, upload materials to the expert & so on. The failure on the part of the customer to use the client account and to reply to the queries received at the client account at regular intervals shall not provide the customer with any sufficient grounds for receiving a refund. In case of any doubt with regard to the use of the client account, the customer is free to contact the customer support team or the admin for assistance.

Writing Consulting: Research & Other Consultancy--Contacting Experts

As our customer, you are expected to have top level integrity while contacting the expert assigned for doing your order. In a situation wherein we provide direct access to the writer or the expert doing your work, as our customer you are not supposed to send in your personal details including name, address, country, email ID, phone numbers & other personal details to the expert. When you are sending any files or documents, email messages and other details necessary for completing your order to the writer/expert, or otherwise, as our customer, you are not supposed to state your personal details under any circumstances which may arise and need to safeguard such personal details. In addition, if the writer or expert who does your work is asking you for such personal details, as our customer you need to inform our company via direct email or through the customer/client account which will be allotted to you once you make payments for your orders. Such a precaution is to ensure the personal security of you being our customer and also for ensuring the security of the writer or any other expert who would be doing your job. Our company has accessibility to all the files or documents and also to all the email messages which are being received and sent between the customer and our writers/experts. Hence we expect our customers to maintain the top most integrity while having contact with the writer or any other expert doing the order for you. If this trust is found to be breached under any circumstance, wherein our company would provide the customer proof of the breach of trust, then the client account of the said customer would be deleted and the customer order would be cancelled with no refund being paid.

Writing Quality: Research Quality: Project Quality--Plagiarism Issues

In about 99% cases our company promoting best custom paper writing services & other related project work does not have any issues of plagiarism because our professional experts adhere to the strict plagiarism policy of our company. Our quality assurance department further checks the completed files for any issues of plagiarism before sending it to our customers. Inspite of that, if in case any of our customer complaints of issues of plagiarism of over 50% in the completed documents, our company offering writing and editing services and other related services shall provide 100% refund of payments (deducting the processing charges or transfer charges if applicable) once the proof of plagiarism is provided to us. Our company would also ask clients for a plagiarism report to be produced from renowned plagiarism services such as Turnitin, Copyscape or Copycheck to prove the case of plagiarism. Do note that the issue of plagiarism would be applicable for only research and writing orders which is custom written by us and not for any other orders such as editing, proofreading, formatting, translation, transcription, data entry & any other order which does not fall under the category of research and writing services. Please note that documents which are not written or rewritten by our company would not be checked for plagiarism such as for orders such as editing, formatting, proofreading & so on. There shall also not be any refund in case any such work has been plagiarized earlier and also since it has not been written by us.

In cases of refund due to plagiarism, you will be mandatorily required to abandon the work provided by our company including any revisions or amendments received from us. After making the refund, all the rights of the work will vest with our company and you will not be allowed to use any version of the work which was sent to you by our company offering online custom writing services, research help online & so on. Also do note that the rights of the use of the work will now rest with our company offering services such as research writing papers & other project help. Our company delivering custom academic writing and other project services sincerely values the confidence which has been reposed by customers in our favor and hence refunds are an exception.

Writing Problems: Research Problems: Project Problems--Information Delays

In case of delay by the client as a result of late uploading of instructions and of any sources required for completing the order, no refund would be allowed. Since our experts work on the basis of the instructions provided by customers, our company offering best online paper writing services, research solutions & other similar services, require that the instructions be specific, clear-cut and on scheduled time. The time frame is stated below and you are required to adhere to the policies and procedures with regard to on time submission of your sources, instructions and other guidelines for doing your work. The timeframe below given shows the deadline of your order and within how many hours the sources have to be made available corresponding to the deadline of your order. Not able to follow the schedule given below would be considered as a violation of our terms of service and would forfeit any claim to the implied warranty or guarantee.

5 days & above: Instructions and all sources must be received within the initial 24 hours.

48 hours-5 days: Instructions and all sources must be received within the initial 8 hours.

24 hours-48 hours: Instructions and all sources must be received within the first 4 hours.

12 hours-24 hours: Instructions and all sources must be received within the first 1 hour.

12 hours or less: Instructions and all sources must be received within the initial 30 minutes.

Our company would not be held liable for any delays caused while receiving the additional materials, instructions, sources, etc or due to the indifference on the part of the client in general in completing the work. We assume that our customers would have access to every device which is crucial for receiving and sending information via the internet. Hence if any delay is caused on your part to send us sources and any other instructions needed for doing the work (based on the deadlines mentioned above) thereby causing the delay in the completion of the order will not lead to refund of payments.

Writing Center Online: Entire Project Support Group--Delivery Delays

If the delivery of the order is delayed as a result of unforeseen circumstances (which happens in the rarest of the rare cases), please note that deviation from the delivery time is not liable for refund. You can be in touch with the expert assigned for doing your work frequently via the 'Message Board' on the client account to remain updated for any delays in case it happens under any circumstances unforeseen. In case the writer or any other expert doing your order is not answering to your messages, please contact the admin or customer support team of our company through the Message Board on your client account or email us directly and our customer support team would contact the expert to speed up the work and complete it on an urgent priority basis. If the expert is not able to complete the order, our company doing academic paper writing services and other project work would allot a new writer/expert who can meet the new deadline. If no other expert is available to do your order, our best custom writing service agency & other project services company would refund the amount (after deducting the transfer charges if any applicable). Such issues usually happen only in the rarest of the rare instances and our company which offer best online writing services and other related project solutions has not so far faced such a situation since we hire the best writers/experts for offering professional paper writing services, research help & other similar services.

Writing Review: Research Review: Project Review--Free Revisions

If a customer is not having satisfaction with the completed work as a result of: (a) original instructions provided in the initial order form is not being followed; (b) other issues pertaining with regard to the quality of the written product or service (ex: writing in good english), then the customer can request for a free revision for such issues based on our revision policy and customers are not entitled for refund. The revision has to be requested by the customer within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of completion of the order. Please see our revision page for more details.

Writing Results: Research Results: Project Results--Grades And Refund

Our company delivering writing activities, research services & other project help does not guarantee you with any specific grade for your research study topics orders and for other projects you ordered from our company and you will not be getting any type of refund in case your work was being poorly or incorrectly assessed.

It is the responsibility of the client to read and adhere to our terms and conditions, revision policy, cancellation policy, disclaimer and refund policy before placing your order.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding our 'Refund Policy' for writing services (ex: writing for school, writing curriculum for college, university, etc), research services & other project consulting help, please contact us using the 'Click Here To Make Enquiry' given below.

Writing Learning: Project Preparation--Order/Enquire

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