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How are you different in respect to other research writing & project help companies?

Writing services and research help by our Research Writing Company. We offer unmatched research, writing, editing and proofreading solutions and other project help to customers from across the world. Our objective is to extend our clients unmatched customer satisfaction. This gesture is due to the fact that our company for online custom writing services and other project help wants to remain not just competitive in the industry, but persist to assist students attaining success through our support. Equipped with a vast talent pool of native English writers, our writing service delivers custom papers that are the best in class. Our research and writing company spare no effort to be the leader in the industry with proven capability in delivering quality service and more. Above all, our writing tutoring company provides peace of mind. Never fall into the trap of unverified websites who assure you quality papers for a small fee. Remember, even top ranked online writers cannot deliver papers within an hour for a paltry sum. Our plagiarism verification software checks the writing for originality before sending it to the client. Hence clients availing our services are assured of fool-proof original content. Our online writing help company provide a personal account to every client for exchange of communication. Privacy is maintained in these communications to maintain confidentiality all through. This apart, our services are priced reasonably. Stay away from the bunch of other mediocre agencies offering very low prices who can hardly afford professional writers. This will surely affect the paper quality and ultimately your grades. In addition to writing, research, proofreading and editing services, we offer a variety of other project help such as translation, transcription and so on. See our site map page (see the link of the site map page on the footnotes of this page) to have an understanding on all the services that we offer.

What advantages do your research solutions, writing services and project help offer?

Our commitment to quality and excellence is total. Our Research Writing Company offer a range of options like communicating with the academic writer, viewing and tracking your order status, uploading instructions and research materials, performing bill verification and downloading your assignments round the clock across the year. In order to ensure quality, our online assignment help company implement a stringent selection process for new writers so that the orders are matched with the best writers. Every month our academic writing company have targeted to recruit additional professional writers to join our team to cope with the ever increasing workload, remove order fulfillment issues, and improve overall quality of the paper. In addition to writers, we have the best experts for other types of projects--for example, editing, proofreading, translation, transcription and so on and we constantly add new and experienced experts to our team.

What are the kinds of services that your assignment help & project help company offers?

Our best online writing services company provides academic assistance of professional quality to students of academic levels starting from High School to Bachelors, Masters & PhD. Our professional writing online company handles academic writing of every genre and has ghost writers who are expert in writing essays, coursework, term papers, research papers, thesis and dissertations, powerpoint presentations and other types of academic papers. Regardless of your writing requirement, you are assured to get professional services. In addition to writing, we also offer editing, proofreading, transcription, translation and various other types of project assistance.

Are editing or proofreading services on offer?

Yes, our paper writing website deal with professional editing and proofreading services also. Maybe you have written an academic paper all by yourself, but there might be some quality gaps that need to be ironed out to help you in securing better grades. Our role here is to improve the overall quality of the paper through a team of professional editors who provide editing and proofreading services. They work on your paper by providing an in-depth review with suggestive corrections in grammar, appropriate vocabulary, sentence structure apart from editing any mistakes in agreement, punctuation, verb tense, and spelling thereby improving the quality of the writing to a higher level.

What should I mention in my order details and instructions?

For your advantage, your instructions need to be as detailed as possible with respect to the nature of the project. Firstly, include the basic details like the title, length of the paper or the length of the project, expected due date and referencing style. Next, for specific resources, you must state whether you want to include books, magazines, academic journals, newspapers, or websites or balanced combination of all these. Please be completely frank regarding your expectations on how you would like the paper or your project to be. This is important as more specific you become in your instructions; it becomes easier for the web writer or any other project expert to gauge your expectations.

In case I need to make changes to the specifications of my order, can I do so?

You need to send every important instruction and additional requests to our writing designs company within 3 hours of placing your order and sufficiently ahead of assigning your order to the online writer. You may contact your writer online during any time with minor changes to be undertaken as long as they are not comprehensive modifications to the original order. Minor changes allowed prior to an order completion comprise an additional resource to be included (the assignment writer can include only if the reference is available, otherwise you can provide the material), citation style (modifications are not allowed in case the academic writer has finished with the citation work) and/or the need of an additional portion like an outline. In addition to writing orders, similar instructions are applicable for other types of project orders.

How do you know exactly what my order requirements are?

While contacting us, you must provide us the maximum possible information regarding your assignment. The required sources, specifications, as also the teacher’s persona will be helpful in developing a unique paper for you. In addition to writing orders, such instructions are applicable for other types of project orders.

I need a paper aligned to a specific citation style. Can it be formatted accordingly?

Indeed our academic research and writing company can. You will receive your paper in the format that you have specified in the description (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc) while ordering the paper. Our professional writers are aware and conversant about the popular citation styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and more. The paper will be developed in 12 point Font, Times New Roman/Arial in double space with 1 inch margin. An average page will contain 275 words.

What care do you undertake to meet the demand of high academic standards?

Our editing academic writing company is totally committed to attain the highest quality which remains our main concern. Our objective is to get complete customer satisfaction in every order that we accept. Our professional writing assistance company carefully allot a ghost writer having due experience in your chosen area of academic study. The academic writer will undertake a thorough research and accomplish the task of writing according to your exact specifications. Our contemporary writers would after writing review the paper and ensure that the same is free from mistakes and align to our set standards. Next our paper writing services company subject the paper to anti-plagiarism software to ensure that it is completely original before mailing you the same. In case any paper writer is detected to be plagiarizing, he/she is removed at once.

What is the guarantee that my paper will completely be an original work?

Our assignment writers craft and develop each paper from the very scratch, leaving no room for plagiarism. The plagiarism check generated after every completed paper is the proof of its originality.

Are you having enough experts to complete my order?

Our writing services company has a large team of experienced best academic writers at our disposal. In fact our online editing writing company has assignment writers across diverse disciplines and areas of academic research. They are glad to start working on your orders immediately, regardless of it being a simple essay paper or a cryptic programming assignment. Hence the fact remains you will never find short of paper writers in our Research Writing Company. All our academic writers are Masters Degree holders at the minimum and have been selected following a test to adjudge their knowledge, capabilities, and skills. Our custom writing company repose faith in native English speakers and this ensures a perfectly written paper all the time. In addition to writers, our company has best experts for other projects such as transcription, translation, editing, proofreading and so on.

What is the academic background of your experts?

Research Writing Company have formed a team of online writers consisting of native English speakers from leading nations of the academic world like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Majority of our custom writers work as professors, lecturers and others engaged in the writing profession. Our paper writers have Masters or PhD from accredited universities. Almost all our professional writers are networked with academic institutions which help them in availing the services of different academic libraries and understand the students’ requirement better. Although almost every one of them is Master’s and PhD Degree holders, they have also emerged successful in several intricate tests during the recruitment process. Our hiring standards are quite stringent and our professional writing service company insists submission of documents that are verifiable, their work is minutely reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department and feedback is consistently requested from the clients. Apart from writers, our editors, proofreaders, transcriptionists, translators and other project experts are all highly qualified and have several years of experience to back them.

How can I check that a specialized expert is going to work on my order?

Since our ghost writer services company has various professional writers who are experts in several disciplines of study, this helps us in allotting the most capable paper writer to write for you. Our academic writing services company has a very large team of assignment writers and researchers. Majority of them prefer undertaking challenging assignments in their chosen fields. Our personnel work on their mode of selection - while they choose the orders to work upon, our online writing company decides on the best suitable professional writer from those who are keen to work on the same. In doing so, our quality writing services company can assure that your order has been accepted by a research writer, who is not only keen to work on your order but also skilled in your subject area. The same process will be applicable for any other project expert for projects on editing, proofreading, transcription, translation and so on.

If I desire a specific expert to work on my order, how do I proceed?

You can request your favorite online writer to work on your new order by stating the ID of your preferred academic writer. You can also do this even after placing orders at our editing writing service website. However, please note that if your preferred custom writer happens to be among our top-graded best writers, you have to pay premium rates for the order as if you were choosing the 'Top Writer Option'. In case your web writer is not free to work on your paper, our academic help writing company will assign another professional writer. Moreover, you cannot choose this option in situations where your submission deadline is 24 hours or less. Apart from the writer, the same process will be applicable for any other project expert such as translator, transcriptionist, etc.

Can I maintain a line of communication with the expert working on my project?

Yes, you can do this via our customer messaging system platform to communicate with your content writer working on your assignment. All our customers are provided access to their respective messaging board. Simply log on to your account, locate your order in your control panel and find the “Messages” section that allows communicating directly with the ‘Admin Representatives’ or with the research writer. Through this system you can send messages to your academic writer as regards instructions or any other issues like making specific requests, file uploading and giving other useful information which your final document can benefit from. In case you have revision requests, you can also send the same to your paper writer directly using the system as also track the order status. This is an easy to use platform to know about the order progress, exchange resources and other important information with your paper writer. But the platform disallows exchange of personal information as it is in your and research writers interest that no contact information is exchanged. You can use the platform with complete anonymity and it is completely safe to use. The same process is applicable for contacting any other experts apart from the writer such as editor, proofreader, transcriptionist, translator and so on.

Can I exchange contact information like email, or my Skype ID with my project expert?

As our online paper writing service company has said before, it is completely prohibited not only in your interest but also that of the professional writer’s also. In case such practice is detected, the messages will be deleted by the administrators upon detection. Not only for contacting the writer, but these instructions are also applicable for contacting any other project expert of ours such as editor, proofreader, translator, transcriptionist and so on.

Shall I have to provide the expert with additional information for my project?

Our professional writers are able to find information to work on the paper. Nevertheless, for some papers there might be limited resources available. In such situations, our online writer will inform about the same and request you to send them your class notes as also relevant scanned pages from your textbook also to assist them in writing the paper. Providing this information while placing your order will help our online writers to complete the paper in a timely fashion. Besides, you are free to upload any information in our system that you wish to be included in your paper. Therefore, in your interest please keep in regular touch with the research writer or custom writer for a quicker delivery of the paper. The same is applicable for any other project such as translation, transcription and so on.

Is there a method to send additional materials to my order?

After completion of the payment formalities, you will be given access to your personal customer control panel or messaging system wherein you can send messages as also upload files for your academic writer. In our system you can upload all commonly used formats up to 20 MB. Give every possible detail for smooth completion of the paper. Our paper writing company maintains a 3 hour deadline from order placement and/or before a research writer is assigned to the customer order for receiving instructions and additional requests. In case you are facing any problems with uploading your documents, you can contact the customer support team in the same messaging system. During sending files to academic writers or messaging them, please ensure that you should neither send any type of personal information to academic writers nor ask them to share theirs with you. In case this is detected, then the writing company reserves the right to cancel the order and all agreements with the client without making any refund since it would constitute violation of our terms and conditions. In case any assignment writer enquires about your personal information or provides their personal information to you, then you are required to inform us regarding the same. Our customer support team as also other staff would be vigilant regarding these activities to ensure that secrecy is maintained. In this way our research help online company maintain maximum confidentiality to our clients. In addition to writing projects, the same process is equally applicable for all other projects which you may place with our company.

Can the research be done for me, if I am unable to provide the references for writing?

Our assignment writers have access to online accounts with leading digital libraries to undertake the necessary research work. However, please ensure that you have uploaded all possible materials which might be handy so that the custom writer is able to start with the research work without losing further time.

Shall the project be delivered to me on time?

Due to our assurance to quality and excellence, our online research writing company put our very best to provide our customers with the best service possible. Our professional English writing website ensures that every order is aligned to your expectations and reaches you within the deadline. But, please ensure that while placing your order the same is placed correctly and every additional information required for its completion is uploaded timely such that research writer does not face any problems in finishing the paper by the prescribed deadline. Our deadline options are very exhaustive. You will be charged less for allowing us more time to attend to your paper. This will allow you more time to ask for revision if the need be so that the quality of the paper is the best. Please note that your specified deadline is applicable to the first draft of your paper. In case of revision, however, a new deadline is required. In case our project writing website is unable to fulfill your deadline or in case it needs additional time, the paper writer will message you to discuss about your order. Our creative writing resources company will take all possible steps needed to fulfill your order in time. In addition to writing projects, this same process will be applicable for other projects such as transcription, translation, editing, proofreading and so on.

What is the mode of receipt of my order?

Your paper will be delivered to your account which you can download from your personal customer account. After completing the writing, the writer uploads the paper to your account in our online paper writing service website from where you can download the completed paper. You have the option to consent to this version and receive the paper in MS-Word format, or request revision free of cost and allow the assignment writer some additional time to perform the desired changes if any. Please refer to our revision policy in our Terms Of Use section. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check the customer account to deal with any queries, concerns or such other instructions needed by the research writer. Failure to check or using the Customer Account at regular intervals shall not provide you sufficient grounds for a refund. Nevertheless, in case of any uncertainly over use of the Customer Account, you are free to contact the Customer Support team during any point of time for assistance. The same process goes for all other projects of ours such as editing, proofreading, transcription, translation and so on.

How can I be sure that my custom paper is not plagiarized and is customized?

Our assignment writing help company provides papers that are custom written. Our research project website assures you that each and every paper is written from the very scratch. Our academic writing company have online writers who are Subject Matter Specialists (SMEs) attending to orders and never resort to lift materials and paste them like that. Every material on which your papers are written will be appropriately cited & referencing done. Our writing services company employs an industry trusted plagiarism checking system to ensure that all our papers are of the highest quality. Our tested anti-plagiarism policy ensures that all our completed papers are checked by our best writers to be free from plagiarized sentences or phrases by subjecting the papers to the latest plagiarism checker. Hence you can be rest assured that the mechanism undertaken at our end to prevent plagiarism will benefit you to deliver you a completely original paper. However, please remember that if you order for proofreading/editing/rewriting, you must ensure that the original writing is free from plagiarism.

The expert has not submitted my order within deadline. What to do next?

In case the paper is delayed because of unexpected situations, you can use the ‘Message Board’ in the customer account panel to contact your assignment writer and keep updated with regard to any delays that might happen under any situations. In case of absence of response from the academic writer, please contact our Admin Representatives in the same message board who will ask the writer to expedite the work so that it is completed urgently. In case the online writer is unable to complete the work, our custom writings service company will locate a new writer for you who will submit the paper as per the revised deadline. Where no other assignment help writer is available to work on your order, our writing paper service company will refund the amount (deducting the transfer charges). The chances of such issues happening are extremely rare and our online assignment help company have never encountered such a situation due to the best writers, our research project writing company have. In addition to writing projects, the same process is applicable for all our other projects.

Do you provide refunds?

Our creative writing projects company provides refunds based on specific cases. Along with the writing projects, the same refund policy is also applicable for all other project of ours. Please see our refund policy page for more details.

Can I ask for revision if I do not like the project?

Since our assignment helper company is committed about your complete satisfaction, you can ask for revision. Our writing project company accord great value to our customers and sincerely believes that our writing activities company is duty bound to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In case the completed paper does not completely align with your expectations, you have the privilege of revisions without any extra payment following completion of your paper. Apart from the writing project, the same process goes for all other projects of ours. You should further ensure that your revision requirements match with your initial specifications and does not violate our Terms and Conditions. Please see our revision policy page for more details.

How can I inform you regarding revision?

If you are not completely satisfied with the paper, please click on the ‘Revision’ section, state the specific instructions that you wish to be done and inform us regarding the time when you need the same. Your online writer will ensure that your modification request is catered to. However the most important aspect to be noted here is that revision should not include fresh instructions. The paper will be revised only when it is found that the academic writer has not complied with the original instructions. The same process goes for all our other projects.

What are your pricing policy principles?

Our online writing help company have designed a customer centric pricing policy to address your needs. Our best writing services company can visualize how strenuous it becomes to be a student and also be employed simultaneously. Keeping that in view, our writing paper services company offer prices that are affordable without any hidden cost adding layers to it. The determining factors for pricing your paper are (i) the deadline (ii) your academic level & (iii) the number of pages. The same process goes for all other project of ours, with some slight variations (for ex: in place of pages). You can refer to the details available in our Prices page.

Are any discounts available?

Yes our writing help center do offer discounts from time to time. At times, our online custom writing services company might not have discount offers, but at times, our writing editing services company provides discounts. If our best online writing services company has any discounts running at any particular time, the discount shall be provided in the order placement/payment submission form. If there are no discounts available at any particular time, the order placement/payment submission form shall not display the discounts section. You can see that our prices are quite affordable to start with. In order to make it more attractive, our English writing help online company give a lot of facilities free of cost. Our writing research website do not charge anything for the title page, works cited page, bibliography, revisions, etc. In addition to our writing projects, our other projects would also have discounts at certain times. If there are discounts for any projects at any particular point of time, it would be displayed in our website. If there are no discounts available, then it will not be displayed in our website.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Of course our manuscript services company has. Our academic paper writing services company reserve the right to reject or cancel the order in the following cases: (a) If any unforeseen or unexpected event occurs on our side due to which the order cannot be fulfilled; (b) If the customer violates the terms and conditions, or (c) If our research help online company is unable to assign any suitable academic expert who can fulfill the order within time. In case if our professional paper writing services company receive the order but fail to handle it or process it further because of any unforeseen or unexpected circumstances, urgent measures will be taken to offer you a complete refund. In cases where no academic writers are free to complete the order, our editing and writing services company will cancel the order and refund the money (deducting the transfer charges if any applicable). Where the customer needs to cancel an order for orders exceeding the 48 hour deadline, it has to be made within 3 hours following processing. In case of such cancellations, refund shall be made (deducting the transfer charges if any applicable). In case of short order deadlines of 12-48 hours, orders once placed are not admissible for cancellation and would not be refunded as the academic writer would have already progressed considerably with the order. You can refer to more details available in our Cancellation page. The same process is applicable for other projects in addition to our writing projects.

Can I make payment after getting my project?

Sorry, that is not possible. All payments must be deposited in full prior to beginning with any work. Our academic paper writing services company deliver pre-paid customer writing services which implies that the web writer will begin working on your order after your payment has been received. There is nothing to worry about as our writers services company will definitely deliver the order which will fulfill your every instruction. Thousands of our customers have been satisfied with our papers and our best online writing service company assures that you too will be no exception to that. Read our Client Testimonials page for more details. The same payment process is applicable for all other projects, except website designing projects.

Is there any installment facility?

In some cases there is installment facility when you order a dissertation/thesis comprising of several sections that can be submitted separately. Following completion of prepaid section, if you are satisfied with the result, you can pay for the subsequent part of the work to be done and so on. But do note that such orders have to be made separately and not together. For example, if you need to complete chapters 1 and 2 of a thesis first, you can place orders for chapters 1 and 2 and make payments for chapters 1 and 2. And when these chapters and completed and send to you, you can place orders and payments for the rest of the chapters. Also for certain projects such as website designing, we can accept installment facility. But such facility is not applicable for any other projects.

How easy it is to place orders?

Orders can be placed easily. Since our writing research project company knows that you may not be having enough time to answer unrelated questions while placing your order, we have made a lot of simplifications. All you need is just to provide us regarding details of your assignment, deadline and other details which will be helpful on the part of our professional writers to put their very best while working on your order. Apart from the writing projects, the same goes for all other projects.

Why large orders cannot be placed within a short deadline?

You will appreciate that our research writers require time to produce a quality document. Working with large orders definitely needs extensive research and time devotion. When you are ordering a large and intensive order, it might not be reasonable to have your assignment delivered on time. Our research and writing company have been striving for total customer satisfaction and are serious of ensuring that our editing and writing services company is able to complete your order on time. In case of thesis/dissertation orders, multiple chapters can be sent to us as separate orders on which several assignment writers will work to complete the individual chapters within your deadline. Please let us know in case of any issues and what way, our best custom writing service website can help you with order placement. Do note that this would be applicable for all other projects of ours in addition to the various writing projects.

What are the payment modes available?

Our research writing help and other project services company use a reliable payment system which is secure. According to our rule, the payment is effected through a single transaction after filling in the order form.

Is my anonymity and security guaranteed?

Yes it is totally guaranteed. Remember your security is our security. Our professional paper writing services website value your privacy and hence keep everything confidential. Our best custom writing company knows that our standing is dependent on it and hence invariably strive to keep you satisfied. You account is absolutely safe with us. To provide you with an excellent service and also for verification purposes, our top writing service company needs to have your personal details like your first and last names, address etc. Our paper writing services online company assures that they will never be shared with any third parties. In addition to writing projects, the same would be applicable for all other project services of ours.

How secure is your transaction platform?

While effecting payment, our best writing services online and other project services website processes your credit card using the latest industry standard secure process. Our writing and editing website and other project assistance company provide a completely authentic, safe and secure third-party transaction service so as to guarantee that all payment information is processed through an encrypted and safe environment. There have not been any reports of unauthorized or compromised transactions of clients using their payment cards in our site.

Will others know that I have used your service?

Our best paper writing services company is here to guarantee that your paper is never resold or republished as also no personal information is shared with anybody. Our custom paper company has the most robust software which protect customer’s privacy and ensure that there is no information leakage. You can check the same in our Privacy Policy page. The same guarantee is applicable for all project help of ours in addition to our writing services projects.

Do you need my personal information?

Our writing research project and other project services company never needs any personal information from your side. You can always be assured that our online writing paper and other project assistance company values your total privacy and the same is 100% in our hands. For the complete confidentiality guarantee please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

I forgot my password! How can I log in?

In these situations, you can always use the “Forgot Password” options available in the login form. Type in your email account and reset password instructions will be forwarded there.

Is using your help legal?

Yes definitely! Our writers services company always stress that our custom papers should be used as custom written samples. This implies that it is absolutely legal for us to give custom writing service and also to use the same. Professionally written papers can be used for reference purposes and will not be considered as cheating. Our services are legal for all other project assistance provided by us.

What is the procedure of placing an order?

After logging in to our professional English writing website or other project help company, you can follow the Order Page Link given below. Please fill in the order form and give us the complete detail regarding your project. Your instructions should be as precise as possible to enable us in meeting your needs. Please provide us your complete contact information so that our top writing service and other project services company can reach you in case of any questions or problems. In case you still have questions regarding our custom paper writing services and other project solutions that have not been elaborated under the FAQs section, please feel free to forward your inquiry to our Contact Us section. Our online research writing & other project helpers company is here to cheerfully respond to all your queries. So happy ordering with us!

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