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Research Writing Company rigidly follows its 'Privacy Policy'. The secrecy of all the data provided are maintained in complete security and are not shared to any third party. The identity of our clients is not disclosed to anyone. Most of our clients desire to maintain anonymity and that is assured by our company providing top paper writing services and other knowledge and business related services. It is necessary to accede to our 'Privacy Policy' completely prior to the placing of orders with our company rendering writers services, researcher services & so on. The motive of such 'Privacy Policy' is to make you aware of the kind of information, our 'Research Writing' company favoring research and writing services and other model services require prior to your registration in our website for accessing our services, the mode of utilizing that data and the circumstances under which such particulars of client are shared.

It is presumed that the information provided below would assist each individual client to be aware of the fact as to how our company promoting top writing services and other services is utilizing their particulars and the way we endeavor to secure their privacy.


The 'Privacy Policy' of our company offering online research projects, writing services and the like are applicable to the information that we save with regard to:-

  •    Guests who access our website, and

  •    Customers who use our services after payment

Our company providing online writing paper & other services accumulates two kinds of particulars related to our visitors: (i) Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") and (ii) Non-Personally Identifiable Information ("Non-PII").

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PII includes the particulars that recognize the clients individually. The PII is asked for when the prospective client decides to register with our company promoting editing, writing, research and other services & willing to involve in an interactive element of our website like review or survey. It is required to entail us (a) your name, postal address, email ID, credit card particulars and telephone particulars, at the time of registration with our website selling online editing writing services and so on, (b) the demographic attributes like gender, age, preferences and interests, etc., lastly, (c) our company providing best online writing services & similar services may require your general comment or suggestion if any on our website.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII)

Non-PII particulars are collected when our website offering ghost writer service and other services is being accessed. The non-PII particulars include IP addresses and other particulars with regard to the browser, operating system, ISP, approaching our company delivering best paper writing services, etc through which third party site, the pages you are mostly interested, frequently visited and for what period.

Such information is accumulated with the primary motive to entail you access to most of the suitable pages and related services in our website offering academic papers and other knowledge related services that interest you most and generate reports on information about online shopping.

Our 'Research Writing' company reserves the right to divulge such data with recognized third parties that includes our partners engaged in our advertisement and promotion and also our third party service providers. Adequate security measures are taken with application of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software to encrypt the particulars provided. When you register to become our member, you are required to change or modify the particulars earlier infused in the account section. Children below the age of 13 years are not allowed to use our website delivering ghostwriting services and other services. Our company providing custom papers, etc are authorized to modify our 'Privacy Policy' without any notice when required and it is suggested that every client should go through the policy on a regular basis.


The particulars both PII and Non-PII, so collected are applied to entail or improve our site and services to our clients and to attend to your instructions in the best possible manner, to reply your inquires with the quickest possible moment, provide the services as per your requirement and fully comprehend your requirements. The particulars may be used in other modes initially linked with the circumstances under which such information is accumulated.

The PII and Non-PII are divulged to (1) our service providers who carry out the maintenance works for our company offering best custom writing paper writing services & other project solutions, the activities that include hosting and updating of data, management of credit card payments, logistics to supply the product etc. (2) the parent company, auxiliaries ("affiliated companies") with the purpose of operation, marketing and advertisement, (3) the associated merchants for which you have agreed to while submitting the PII for use of the interactive features like surveys and reviews associated with our associated merchants. Moreover, our firm promoting top paper writing services & other related services utilize the non-PII to review the website traffic and better understand the requirements of our clients and trends and also to facilitate the objected promotional functions (see "Preference Based Advertising"). Google Analytics is used for reviewing our website delivering writing and editing services & other project services. Through cookies such analytical tool accumulates the standard internet log data and activities of the guests in an anonymous form. The particulars collected by a cookie about the application of the website are transferred to Google. Such particulars then are utilized to assess the application of the visitors of the website and to gather statistical reports on the activity of the website offering writing and editing services and the like.


Our objective is to safeguard the particulars in a securely manner at the time of transfer. So our company offering research writing help & other associated services uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software that transmits the information after encryption. Our security measures involve establishment of a secure server in US, firewall safeguard, regulated accessibility and encryption technology. Additionally, our clients are suggested that it is our endeavor to safeguard your PII, still it cannot be assured with extended warranty that breach of security for online transfer of data are not vulnerable to theft, corrupt and inadvertent disclose. In such unwarranted situation that compromises the Personally Identifiable Information, you will be informed through your last updated mail ID as soon as possible. However, the delay may involve the period to find out the breach of security and restoration of adequate security measures along with the legal requirements of law enforcement when it involves a criminal probe.


Our registered members are authorized to access the account section page that involves the registration particulars that you have provided. When an error occurs and it is not rectified then you are suggested to inform our company offering English writing help, research services & other related services. Further even when you are authorized to completely erase your membership account, our company delivering paper writing services online and other projects would save some particulars for the purpose of resolving disputes (if any), manage the problems and implement the terms of use. Besides some particulars can by no means be deleted from our website which plays the role of an assignment helper, research helper & so on for the technical reasons (stored in backup system) and also for legal reasons.


Since our website which offers best writing services online and other project help is not necessarily to be used by the children below 13 years of age, it is suggested not to submit any PII in respect of the children below 13 years. The children below 13 years may access our website selling professional paper writing services & other related project services only under the supervision of their parents or guardians.


Our company which delivers top writing services, research services and the like reserves the right to modify our 'Privacy Policy' to indicate our updated business practices. When our company which offers paper writing service online and other project help online shift to advanced technology and entail new services, it is required to update our 'Privacy Policy' suitably. Time and again it is required to utilize your particulars for new and unwarranted application not earlier mentioned in our 'Privacy Policy'. Due to requirement of modification of our information practices at any time, our project services group that provides best paper writing services and other research projects, business projects, etc, assure to indicate the updated policy and practices. The additional information so collected due to change of policy will be used only for the later modified purposes.


You would be requested to acknowledge and make acceptance of our 'Privacy Policy' at a later stage. By acknowledging and accepting, you consent to permit us to utilize your order for purposes of quality assurance. We just utilize a short abstract available from your paper (not over one page) to give our varied customers a work sample from their writer. The copy pertaining to the extract from your order form is secured, so it will not be distributed or copied.


Every once in a while, we might utilize your data for new, unanticipated usage, not revealed earlier in our 'Privacy Policy'. In case there are changes with regard to our information practices at any time later on, we would post these changes in privacy policy on this same page. Further it you are worried regarding how your data is being utilized, you need to check this page every now and then. We just utilize information gathered from the time of the change in policy onwards, with regard to any new purposes set up. We have suitable measures of security to ensure safety against misuse, loss, or modification of data we gather from you. We persistently enhance and update this site to improve your experience. Thus, our privacy policies keep on evolving. As we execute new technology and offer new types of services, we upgrade our 'Privacy Policy' page in like manner. We urge you to view this page on a continuous basis for our latest practices and policies.


Such 'Privacy Policy' and our terms and conditions as indicated in our website and through our services such as custom writing drafting services, research help and other project help include all the conditions with regard to access of our website offering best custom writing services, research services & other project solutions. None of the implied terms and conditions in form of summary, amendments, reinterpretations or other version or other privacy statement or policy in any form is not applicable unless it finds place in our website rendering editing and writing services, research help and other knowledge or business services.

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